About Us


is the brainchild of Jennifer Donaldson who was filling in for a friend who is a professional dog walker in Brooklyn Heights. While happy to manage multiple dogs on varied schedules, the ability to carry everything meant wearing a coat with many pockets or trying to go out without some of the essentials like a phone or an umbrella. 

Living in the city and being a dedicated doggie mom to Q, a Tibetan terrier, Jennifer would treat him to long walks around NYC or travel to the country on the weekends after being in an apartment during the workweek. These outings and the beloved Q were the inspiration for DoggieSak.

Once the idea was born and the “doggie diaper bag” concept started to take shape she began making various samples and testing the idea on friends and family.

In 2016 she joined her sister, Catherine and they decided to fully commit to getting DoggieSak manufactured and out to the dog loving public. Today DoggieSak is available on DoggieSak.com as the first of its kind to solve the problem of having everything you need for your dog whether you are out hiking, visiting a dog park, dropping to daycare or even taking him/her to work. The DoggieSak means all the things you need including people stuff like mobile phones, wallet, keys or an iPad can be easily carried for owners and their dogs on the move.